Young Leadership Program (From Campus to Corporate World Workshop)

Young leadership program (YLP) is specially designed to enable new hires and front line executives who have taken up the role as management trainees from management and university graduates. This program will create a sound new foundation for the young employees to adapt to the culture and DNA of the organization. Each participant is sensitized on the core values of the organization through an activity-based simulation, which is fun to learn and retain the knowledge for a much longer time, if not forever. This program will also cover the core ethics to be followed to become an effective team member of a dynamic organization.

Key Focus Areas of the Program:

● Understand the psychological contract between themselves and their employer.
● Understanding the expectations of employer and employee obligations at work place
● Examine the significance of the transition from ‘student’ to ‘professional’.
● Preparing for change in attitude and behavior using selfanalysis and examine their personal style and professional ‘brand’.
● Develop their understanding of the perspective of others, how to manage conflicts and build a successful working relationship.
● How future career success depends upon performance management, teamwork and building a good relationship with their line manager


  • Being purposeful, focused, realistic and self-confident, and industry ready.
  • Business relationships, business etiquette, diversity, and build work-life balance.
  • Expectation mapping with the organization.
  • Willingness to learn pro-activity, self promotion, networking, planning for success.
  • Being a team player & problem solver, aligning with the boss, communicating professionally, social networks, managing own well being.

Learning Methodology:

The workshop has a mix of classroom lectures, group syndicates and group dynamic activities. Case studies, focus group discussion and creative fun based activities will be an integral part of the course curriculum. Each module will end with a clear learning point summary, which helps in creating a development plan.


2 Days