Time Management

Essential time management workshop to help organised your daily tasks and reduce stress.


The course introduces time management tools and techniques that will allow participants to manage their time more effectively and feel more in control. This enables participants to identify areas of their job where time could be better utilised and the actions necessary to alleviate problems identified.


By the end of the time management workshop course, the participants will have:

Identified their biggest ‘time stealers’ which reduce their productivity and established solutions to reduce or remove their negative impact. Acquired practical time management skills for scheduling, planning and prioritizing work. Discussed and practiced a range of recognized time management techniques such as effective delegation, assertively saying ‘no’ and negotiating alternative solutions

Course Overview

● Identifying your greatest ‘time stealers’
● Ice breaker exercise, small group and individual reflective exercise
● Guiding principles of time and self management’
● Planning and controlling your workload
● Keeping yourself motivated to achieve tasks
● Reducing travel time and how to optimally use the time available to you
● Managing communication
● Small group exercise with presentation feedback and group discussion
● Identifying and managing peak physiological performance time’
● Peak physiological performance and time
● Importance of breaks and the negative effects of stress
● Presentation followed by individual exercise and group discussion
● Saying ‘no’ and negotiating solutions’
● Ways to say ‘no’ assertively
● Identifying potential win-win solutions
● Demonstration, group discussion, pairs practical exercise
● Prioritising workload and key tasks’
● Need for task prioritisation and ‘Eating your frogs’
● Methods of task prioritisation
●Presentation, group discussion and individual exercises
● Planning and prioritising your own workload’
● Templates for planning and prioritising projects, goals, tasks
● Planning essentials and practical ● Presentation, individual practical activity and facilitated group discussion
● Delegating tasks’
● Defining delegation and identifying why we tend not to delegate
● Benefits and art of effective delegation
● Presentation, demonstration, group exercise and facilitated group review
● Assigning tasks to be delegated’
● Team skills matrix
● Identifying best person for the task
● Presentation, individual exercise with feedback and review
● Solutions for managing time effectively’
● Finalising our time management strategies to resolve time stealers
● Individual reflective and action planning exercise with colleague support
● Next steps’
● Review of learning and action planning
● feedback

Who should attend

Time management workshop is ideal for team leader . Supervisor and Manager.


2 Days.