Sales & Marketing Workshop

Sales & Marketing training workshop is designed for those working in sales and marketing to build identity, creation the image of products or company and retain the loyal customers.


● After attending our Sales & Marketing workshop, participants will be able to:
● Identify the ‘perfect’ customer
● Create powerful introductions
● Fill the sales funnel
● Understand the psychology of selling
● Close and follow-up sales

Workshop overview

The Definition of Marketing

● The Sales and Marketing Interface
● Philosophies of Marketing

Identifying the Perfect Customer

● Recognising an Opportunity
● The Marketing Environment
● Research and Information Systems

Buyer Behaviour

● B-C, B-B, C-C
● Consumer Decision Processes
● Organisational Buying

Selecting the Perfect Customer

● Segmentation
● Targeting
● Positioning

Creating the Perfect Offering

● Product, Price, Place, Promotion
● Putting the P’s Together
● Multiple Mixes

Planning and Control

● Marketing Planning
● Forecasting and Expenditure
● Organisation and Control

Filling the Funnel

● Enquiries
● Cold Calling
● Deepening Existing Relationships
● Networking and Gaining Referrals


● Desired Result
● Features and Benefits
● Framework and Proof
● Objections

The DREAM Buying Path

● Do
● Repeat
● Evaluate
● Access
● Money

Powerful Introductions

● 30 Second Introductions and Commercials
● Identifying and Managing Buying Profiles
● Questioning, Language and Listening Skills

Closing and Follow-Up

● Buying Signals
● Closing Questions

Who should attend

Using the budget to control
● Anyone interested in learning or developing their sales & marketing skills will benefit from this Sales & Marketing course, it is guaranteed to bring out new ideas that are specific to the individual’s experience & industry sector.


3 Days.