Our Client Commitment


At SkillSpark our commitment to our clients has always governed the way we conduct our business. We use three main principles to provide exceptional customer service and demonstrate our dedication to continually meeting and exceeding the expectations of our valued clients.


Education (ed-u-ca-tion): The activities of educating or instructing or teaching; activities that impart knowledge or skill.


At SkillSpark, we believe that education is the first path to success. This is core to our focus on training and professional development, but also in how we interact with you, our clients. First, we need to be educated on your objectives, goals, unique needs, past experiences, and you current situation. Second, through proper education, we must deliver the knowledge of available, best-fit solutions for you to meet those goals. By having a common understanding from the beginning, we will make sure that every step taken is toward your desired goal. We want all of our clients to be educated before making any type of decision, even when it comes to choosing us.



Implementation (im'ple-men-ta'tion): The act of accomplishing some aim; providing a practical means of carrying an order into effect.


Through mutual education we derive the action or actions that need to be taken to achieve the goal that has been set. At SkillSpark, we pride ourselves on both quality and the delivery and speed of execution. Once a plan has been set in motion, we have confidence that during the education process our clients have gained the trust in our abilities to implement the project as planned.



Administration (ad-min-is-tra-tion): Administration of the line functions of an organization; Administration of the activities contributing directly to the organizations output.


Once an initiative has been set in motion, it must be monitored and maintained for its continued success. At SkillSpark we believe that a project is never fully complete. Our clients must always be up to date on the performance of the investment they have made in their business. By providing detailed updates and continually educating ourselves and our clients on the ever-changing landscape of e-learning and human capital development, we will be consistently successful in continuing to meet our client’s goals.



Foremost, we want you to know that we work for you.


This Commitment guides our employees’ behaviour and decision making in all facets of our operations. They are committed to continued market education and client goal interaction to ensure the initial and continued success of our clients. SkillSpark is proud to reinforce our Client Commitment by striving for the highest level of services available in e-learning market today.



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