Which LMS is Right For Me?


At SkillSpark we recognise that each client’s situation and needs are unique. That means that there is no single product that is the best solution for everyone. We are passionately dedicated to helping you find the unique solution that is the best fit for you! Our eLearning Specialists will work with you to help you assess which product or combination of products will be the best fit to meet your specific needs.


To help you assess which platforms might best fit your needs, we have gathered together a number of product comparisons. You can explore the comparisons below:



These comparisons have been put together by users to examine the differences in functionality and feature emphasis between various LMS platforms. They are based on the experience of individual users and may not be complete or reflect the most recent product versions. For current product information, please contact our eLearning Specialists.


For more information on Learning Management System (LMS) platforms offered by SkillSpark, visit our LMS page. You can also visit our LMS Support page for technical support information.


Not Sure Which LMS is For You?


A Needs Assessment can provide in-depth analysis of your unique situation and discover the best solution for you. Visit our Professional Services page to learn more about Needs Analysis and how it can help you.


You can also contact our eLearning Specialists to learn more about our LMS offerings.