eLearning for Training and Educational Organizations


In today’s competitive global training and education markets, organizations are increasingly turning to e-learning as a medium for delivering knowledge to learners. Whether as the primary delivery method, or part of a blended learning solutions, many organizations are implementing e-learning as an integral part of their service offerings. eLearning offers many advantages to organizations currently delivering training including:


  • The ability to deliver training to a broader client base without being geographically limited.

  • The ability to offer self-paced training without incurring cost associated with instructor-led training.

  • The automation and streamlining of many administrative processes associated with managing a training program.

  • The ability to integrate e-commerce and accept online payment for both e-learning and traditional training courses.

  • The ability to accept online payments and manage course registration for instructor-led and other existing training programs.

  • The ability to deliver training in a scalable model – your resource commitment and associated costs remain the same whether delivering training to 10 or 1,000 learners.


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Learning Management Systems for Educational Organizations


SkillSpark offers two main e-learning solutions for organizations who deliver training and educational services:

  • Hosted Learning Management Systems


    For organizations who want a no-fuss, easily deployable solution SkillSpark offers Hosted Learning Management Systems (LMS). Hosted LMS solutions mean that SkillSpark handles all the behind the scenes work (site building, management, backups, support, maintenance, upgrades and more) for you so that you can focus on what matters most: your clients. Each LMS is customized to your unique requirements and incorporates a custom graphical theme to integrate with your organization’s branding. Hosted LMS solutions give you the ability to import and manage user databases, conduct advance user and course reporting, manage learner forums, video-conferences, live chats and much more. All Hosted LMS solutions include daily backups, system maintenance and support, and all version upgrades. For a complete listing of available Hosted LMS and their features, please visit our Learning Management Systems page. To learn more about our Hosted LMS, please contact one of our eLearning Specialists


  • Client Server Learning Management Systems


    All of our Learning Management Systems are also available for installation on your own servers. For clients with a strong existing network infrastructure, available IT resources and who anticipate upwards of 1, 500 learners, this may be the most cost effective solution. Licensing is available both on a per user basis and an unlimited user license. Combining all the advantages of our Hosted LMS solutions with the control of utilizing your own servers, Client Server LMS implementations are often the preferred choice for large educational institutions. For a complete listing of available Learning Management Systems and their features, please visit our Learning Management Systems page. To learn more about our Client Server LMS solutions, please contact one of our eLearning Specialists.


Course Content for Educational Organizations


For all of our Learning Management Systems there are three choices for developing and integrating course content:


  • Develop Your Own Courses


    Using tools like Articulate Studio or Adobe Captivate you can create your own dynamic courses integrating interactive learning activities, knowledge assessments and tests, audio, video and more.SkillSpark offers expert training on both Articulate Studio and Adobe Captivate, as well as training on how to integrate these courses with your LMS. For more information please visit our Training Services page.

  • SkillSpark’s Custom Course Design


    Whether you need to convert existing training content into interactive e-learning courses or build engaging courses from scratch, SkillSpark’s Custom Course Design service can help. Our experienced instructional design experts will work with you to turn your material into interactive multimedia training courses that engage the learner and promote knowledge retention through interactive learning exercises. Visit our Custom Course Design Services page to learn more!



  • Use SkillSpark’s Courses


    You also have the option of integrating over 2,500 of SkillSpark’s award winning courses with your Learning Management System. For a full listing of For a complete listing of all courses, Skill Certificates, and Certification Preparation programs available for resale, please visit our Course Catalogue, or contact one of our eLearning Specialists.


Looking for More Information?


  • Unsure which option is the best fit for your organization? Contact our eLearning Specialists to discuss your specific needs.

  • Interested in learning about SkillSpark’s Custom Course Design, Needs Analysis or System Training services? Visit our Professional Services page.

  • Want to learn more about our courses? Visit our Courses page to get more information and view sample courses.