Why eLearning for Small and Medium Organizations?


With more and more businesses recognizing the gains to be had through employee development there is an increasing pressure for SMB leaders to find scalable, cost effective ways of providing skills development to their organizations. Through e-learning organizations who do not have large in-house training departments are able to deploy effective, personalized training to their teams without the large costs historically associated with implementing external training programs. Whether it is because of the advantages of self-paced learning, the ability to reach learners in many locations with minimal cost, or the ability to easily track and manage training, e-learning is becoming the primary tool in employee development for small and medium business.


  • Does your organization need to streamline the management and delivery of your existing employee training programs?

  • Do you want to increase the productivity and develop the skill sets of your employees through industry leading training and professional development programs at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-person training?

  • Do you want to create additional revenue streams by offering your existing training programs to clients online?

  • Do you need your training to reach multiple offices or remote employees without the associated travel costs?


Want to know more about how e-learning can help your organization reduce over training costs and maximize the contribution of your employees? Speak with one of our eLearning Specialists to find out more!. We also offer a number of tools including our ROI Calculators and White Papers to help you understand how e-learning can benefit your organization.


eLearning Solutions for SMB


SkillSpark offers two main e-learning solutions for organizations with between 10 and 1000 employees:

  • Course Central Group Accounts


    With SkillSpark`s Course Central Group Accounts, you can provide your employees with access to over 2,500 skills building courses while taking advantage of group pricing discounts. With Group Accounts you also gain the tools necessary to assign specific courses to employees, monitor employee progress and track performance in knowledge tests. Group Accounts are the fast and affordable way to give your employees access to the skills they need.


    To learn more about Course Central Group Accounts, please contact one of our eLearning Specialists

  • Hosted Learning Management Systems


    For clients wishing more control and the ability to create or use their own existing training content, SkillSpark offers Hosted Learning Management Systems (LMS). Each Hosted LMS is customized to your unique requirements and incorporates a custom graphical theme for your organization. A Hosted LMS can be used to deliver your training content and can also integrate over 2,500 of SkillSpark`s award-winning professional development courses. Hosted LMS solutions give you the ability to import and manage user databases, conduct advance user and course reporting, manage learner forums, video-conferences, live chats and more. All Hosted LMS solutions include daily backups, system maintenance and support, and all version upgrades. For a complete listing of available Hosted LMS and their features, please visit our Learning Management Systems page. To learn more about our Hosted LMS, please contact one of our eLearning Specialists


Looking for More Information?


  • Visit Course Central and sample the learner experience available through Course Central Group Accounts.

  • Unsure which option is the best fit for your business? Contact our eLearning Specialists to discuss your specific needs.

  • Interested in learning about SkillSpark’s Custom Course Design, Needs Analysis or System Training services? Visit our Professional Services page.

  • Want to learn more about our courses? Visit our Course page to get more information and view sample courses.

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