Empowering Senior Managers to Navigate Complexity and Groom Leadership Capabilities

General management requires leaders to leave the comfort of their functional or technical specialty and manage a variety of competing priorities to ensure the sustainable performance of their organization. The workshop focuses on the core business disciplines of strategy and management and takes participants through a transnational journey on how their leadership, decisions and behaviors impact overall business, employee engagement, organizational culture and performance. This program helps in broadening individual’s scope of vision and the sphere of influence cultivated in the past and bringing in change.

Key Focus Areas of the program:

● Aligning individual and team’s vision with organizations vision
● Critical appreciation of the most important business discipline needed for senior management role
● Valuable insights into self leadership style and its impact
● Deeper understanding of the interplay of organizational dynamics, people management and systems thinking
● Become a more effective change agent, facilitating and increasing positive results from mangers
● Practical insight to the importance of physical and mental well being to maximize performance and tactics – Coaching skills to build succession plans


● Understand how to manage performance across team members
● A coherent understanding of the interplay of organizational dynamics both people and systems
● A key stakeholder and change management plan
● Develop an action plan for improved management of time, people and business with multiple teams
● A critical appreciation of the most important business disciplines needed for General Managers

Learning Methodology:

The workshop encourages self-reflection and learning about existing and new skills and theories of leadership and management. Experiential learning will be an integral part of the workshop, which will engage in a variety of activities, simulations and experiments. Simulations will encourage and improve group dynamics, communication and decision making skills

Who Should attend:

This program aims at those who are already having strong management experience and area tipped to take up higher responsibility. They should be in the same organization for more than 2 years and have managers reporting to them.


2 Days