E-Marketing: Strategies for Success

E-marketing provides excellent memorability, reduces costs, increases revenues and expands your company’s marketing potential, which is why digital technology has become the dominant stream in advertising and marketing.
This workshop will prepare you to make significant strategic contributions to your company’s future e-marketing activities. Participants will be given the framework to implement an e-marketing plan that is based on documenting objectives, implementing to best-practice levels and forecasting realistic predictions of ROI.

How You Will Benefit

● Identify the key components of an e-marketing Plan
● Recognize the importance of tying e-marketing to business objectives
● Analyze a range of different e-marketing tools (e.g. SEO, email campaigns)
● Review mobile marketing case studies aimed at iPhone and smartphone users
● Separate the hype from the truth about social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
● Systematically evaluate a variety of e-marketing vehicles for B2C, B2B and B2E audiences
● Create an e-marketing business case that allows you to plot costs against returns
● Integrate your existing marketing mix with the web
● Lower your marketing costs while building the relationship with your customers
● Understand when and how to use technology to maximize marketing effectiveness
● Troubleshoot your current online marketing presence to identify potential enhancements.

What You Will Cover

E-marketing Vehicles

● Elements on your website
● Elements off your website
● Elements in other media
● Elements in the customer environment

Rich Media Vehicles

● Banners and vokens not dead yet
● The best and worst of rich media
● Interactive on-page campaigns
● Podcasting – building relationships with audio

eMail Marketing

● 20 must-haves for a great eMail campaign
● How to measure email success
● Privacy legislation regarding email
● Case Studies: Excellence in email

Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

● Differences and definitions
● Key technical criteria
● Understanding customer behaviors

Social Marketing

● Blogs and Wikis as marketing tools
● Twitter and Facebook – Can they deliver?


● Samples of globalized e-marketing
● Managing expectations for a global customer base

Viral Marketing

● Everybody wants a chicken
● The 5 immutable laws of viral marketing
● Case studies: viral victories

Integration of Online and Offline Marketing

● Mixed media success stories
● How to integrate your marketing mix
● How integration improves measurability
● How integration gives you more bang for the buck

Building an e-marketing Plan

● Business case template
● Cost parameters
● Success measurements

Measuring the ROI of eMarketing

● Tools for POS measurement
● Technical applications for measurement (metrics)

Candid Assessments

● Live critiques of participant websites/ eMarketing campaigns

Who Should Attend

Marketing managers, sales directors and VPs
● Website designers and content managers
● Communications managers
● Advertising and multimedia managers
● E-commerce specialists and systems managers
● Business owners and strategic planners
● Customer service executives
● Directors of operations and information system


2 Days