Business Leadership for IT Professionals

To build your business capabilities and leadership skills to enhance your position as a key strategist and trusted business partner within the organization.
IT leadership is a demanding profession. CIOs, CTOs and staff professionals face a constant barrage of change from technology vendors and ongoing technology improvements. At the same time, management increasingly demands and expects that IT leaders will be partners and peers at the executive table. Yet rarely do IT professionals get the opportunity to learn how to develop their strategic business and leadership skills.

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand the key choices that define business strategy
  • See how competitive advantage is created and sustained
  • Comprehend the key elements of business strategy and associated metrics
  • Appreciate how strategy is linked to culture, capabilities, and the marketplace
  • Define and navigate your IT leadership career path
  • Bridge from IT professionalism and leadership to business leadership
  • Develop an IT strategy that aligns with and enables business innovation
  • Create an IT strategic plan
  • Lead and manage complex organizational change effectively
  • Address both the business and human dimensions of change simultaneously for maximum effect

What You Will Cover Understanding & Contributing to Business Strategy

Corporate Performance Drivers

  • Measures that lead to real shareholder value
  • The ultimate metric and governing objective: value creation
  • Alignment and competitive advantage as drivers
  • Managing other critical metrics
  • Managing various types of risk
  • Employee/customer satisfaction and financial performance

Strategic Direction

  • Setting direction with powerful vision, mission and corporate values
  • Key strategic choices for any business and how they are made
  • Changes in the external environment and their impact on strategy
  • Strategy’s enterprise role and its effects
  • How to make better decisions

Consolidating & Strengthening IT as a Strategic Business Partner

IT as Profession / IT as Business

  • Skills and competencies of the successful IT professional
  • Leadership qualities to cultivate for organizational cohesion
  • Consolidating international standards and required knowledge

Moving From Strategy to Executive with Maximum Speed and Impact

Leadership Contribution

  • Putting the change process in the context of larger economic, business and environmental forces
  • The relationship between trust and effective leadership
  • How people react to organizational change opportunities and threats
  • Facilitating individual and team growth and development

Personal Contribution

  • The art of influence as a staff professional
  • Highest points of leverage to accelerate planned change
  • Sharpening strategic thinking and problem analysis skills

Who Should Attend

Business Analyst, IT Manager, Enterprise Architect, Information Systems Auditor, Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Technology Specialist, IT Consultant etc.


2 Days