Business Analysis Practice

Business Analysis Practice workshop is both practical and participation. We provide theory but we focus on a realistic case study based on a genuine assignment as we believe this is more important when it comes to applying your knowledge to real life situations.


On completion of Business Analysis Practice training, delegates will be able to:
Describe the development of a business strategy
Use strategic analysis techniques
Describe the need for project discipline
Explain techniques to investigate the business systems of an organisation
Describe an approach to improving business systems
Use a stakeholder analysis technique and explain why stakeholder management is important
Use techniques for the analysis and modelling of business systems
Describe how to identify recommendations for business improvement
Describe the contents of a rigorous business case to develop and implement business changes
Identify costs, benefits, impacts and risks for an option in a business case

Workshop overview

Business Analysis Rationale
What is a business system?
The place of business analysis
Business analysis vs. systems analysis
Approaches to business analysis
The business change lifecycle
Roles in business analysis
Strategic analysis in context
Understanding the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses
External analysis – PESTLE, Five Forces
Internal analysis – Resource Audit MOST
Building a comprehensive SWOT analysis
Measuring performance – the Balanced
Business Scorecard
Critical success factors and key performance indicators
A Project Approach to Business Analysis
Business analysis studies as projects
Terms of reference and project initiation
Assuring business benefit

Understanding the situation/issues
Types of business ‘problem’
Rich pictures and mind maps
Defining the problem
Review of investigation techniques
Business perspectives
Analysing stakeholders
Stakeholder management strategies
Business perspectives – introduction
Defining the perspective – CATWOE

Analysing and modelling the business activities
Modelling business activities
Five types of business activity
Consolidating perspectives and business
activity models

Identifying potential solutions
End-to-end process models
Exploring the gap between the current and desired situation
Areas for business improvement
(organisation context, processes, people)
Holistic approach to business solutions

Who should attend this:

Anyone who requires an understanding of Business Analysis including business analysts,business managers and their staff,business change managers and project managers.


Duration: 3 Days