Budgeting & Cost Control

This Budgeting & Cost Control workshop takes a practical approach to financial planning for the organisation and considers: the compilation of budgets; how to identify potential problems arising and suggests actions which can be taken. It also looks at ways of improving financial control using budgets, so as to avoid reduced profits and/or financial problems.


Our Budgeting & Cost Control course will teach you:
Basic concepts of budgeting
Budget types
Analysing variances and corrective action
Updating and Flexing the budget
Preparing the budgets and forecast
Budgeting to control costs

Workshop Overview


The importance of budgeting?
What are its aims?
How do we make budgets effective?

Budget Types

Capital, revenue and cash distinctions
How do these relate to the basics of a
balance sheet, profit & loss account and cash
flow statements
Concept of accruals

Budget reparation Process

Constructing forecasts
Limiting factors
Sensitivity analysis
Break-even analysis
Preparing a forecast
Using the budget to control
Variance analysis
Flexible and static budgets

Who should attend

Administrators & financial workers looking to improve their budgeting skills and small businesses who want to take a practical approach to their finances.


2 Days